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 Death (the band) is just great!!

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PostSubject: Death (the band) is just great!!   Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:44 pm

Iīm listening to Death's Symbolic through my earphones while I type this.

Chuck Schuldiner was genious. This is just pure awe. I usually donīt like most of death metal bands, because most of them are just blah, childish and just too, trying to prove something just isnīt there.

But Chuck knew how to write great compositions. And while writing his aggressive sounds the guy himself was calm and present, no stupid hubris and arrogance.

The lyrical content was not also the most typical in his genre. He put lotīs of time and thought to his lyrical writing, especially in the latest albums. In my understanding he also was spiritual person.

Sad he went way so young, he will be missed.
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Death (the band) is just great!!
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